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Tassimo T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer

I've wanted to review the Tassimo Brew Bot ever since I first saw it, probably because of the cool commercials they had when they first released it. Flash and showbiz aside, it's a very interesting little machine. These types of single cup machines are becoming more and more popular these days.

The Tassimo T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer is basically the entry model in the Tassimo Universe. It retails for $129 (but you can get a $30 rebate if you order from the link below while supplies last). How does it compare to some of the other similar machines on the market today?

Let's Talk About The Machine Itself

First of all, unlike other single serve-type machines, the Tassimo uses T-Discs instead of pods or capsules. Guess what the "t" stands for!

Tassimo T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer

This is where I usually review the specs of a machine. I talk about things like bar pressure, how much watts the machine pulls, any cool features the thing has. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to track down that information for the T-20.

What I can tell you is that the T20 has something the people at Bosch call "Smart Technology", and what this does is uses a unique bar code technology so that the machine can actually read the T-Disc and adjust the settings of the machine to the specific t-disc.

That's suppose to allow it to tailor the drink to the machine and brew the perfect cup every time. It supposedly allows the machine to adjust the amount of water needed for each disc as well as the temperature.

The T20 also has what they're calling a flow-through water heater. It's supposed to make things quieter and heat the water quicker. Quicker than what? Well, who knows...quicker than not doing it that way I guess.

What Are Other People Saying About The T20?

There aren't a whole lot of reviews out there for this machine. At Amazon, the T20 has about 30 reviews. The reviews are uniformly good; fourteen people gave it 5 out of 5-stars, thirteen people gave it 4-stars, and three people gave it 3-stars.

That's an average of four and a half out of five stars which normally would be very very good. But this time, I'm not sure. Why? Because these new single cup machines are incredibly popular. Most other models have hundreds of reviews. (The Keurig B40 has 444 reviews and almost all of them are great).

So that fact that this machine only has 30 reviews tells me a little something.

What's The Final Word?

I'm not thrilled with Bosch as a coffee machine company. Tassimo is supposed to be their redeeming brand, and generally speaking they do a pretty good job. The best feature of this machine though is its price. At around $99 after rebate, you really can't go wrong! Of course, you have to send in for the $30 rebate which is a hassle and pretty petty if you ask me.

At the end of the day, there's no real negative mark against this machine.

Personally, if you've used the Tassimo T20 Single Serve Coffee Brewer before and are happy with the results (maybe a friend of yours has one, etc), then I fully recommend you go for it. If on the other hand, you've never tested one and are really just looking for any type of single cup system; then I might point you to the Keurig B-40 that's also $99 (without needing to jump through hoops to send in for a rebate). Either way, I'm sure you'll be happy with your decision.

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