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Starbucks Accessories - Too Expensive?

I spend a lot of time in Starbucks. I mean a lot of time. Judging by what I do for a living (this web site) that shouldn't really be too much of a surprise. I usually start my day down at my favorite Starbucks by reading the paper and drinking a Venti Coffee (I'm a simple person, I don't need a double low fat triple caramel mocha lattewhatever; coffee gets me going just fine thank you!).

My Starbucks is incredibly large and crowded. It's not one of those small stores they fit into a nook somewhere, it's a huge thing with 2 leather couches, 5 or 6 leather chairs, about 10-12 booths, probably over a dozen tables, and a bar...oh, and a big fireplace.

I'm not bragging that my Starbucks is bigger than yours or anything, just trying to help you picture the setting so that you realize that it's a big and busy location in a major city. There's usually a line of between 10-15 people stretching to the door.

As people stand and wait in line, and as they wait for their drinks afterwards, they browse the "Wall 'o stuff" that Starbucks sells.

Being the clever business people that they are, most stores sell all kinds of things, from coffee cups, to espresso machines, bags of coffee beans, French presses, milk frothers, espresso cups, and all manner of other coffee-related merchandise.

It's that stuff that I want to talk to you about briefly today.

The question is: should you buy any of it?

I think we can break it down into a few categories:

  • Bags of Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee
  • Mugs and Cups
  • Smaller Complicated Items (French presses and milk frothers)
  • Large Complicated Items (espresso machines and the like)

The first few are easy. If you like Starbucks coffee and want to brew it at home, definitely buy your beans there.

Further, if you like the brand and want to have a coffee cup with their logo on it (I have a half dozen scattered around my house) then definitely go for it. You'll pay a little more for a Starbucks mug than a blank one at a department store, but not much and it's fun.

The last two categories are a little more my name for them implies.

Going back to me bragging that my Starbucks is better than yours...I see a lot of people come through there every day, and being the curious type, I keep an eye out. You'd be surprised how many people buy the expensive stuff. Especially during the holidays.

Here's the thing...all that stuff is incredibly over priced. Why spend $67 on a French press when you can order it online from Amazon or my web site for $25? Why buy a Starbucks branded espresso machine for $600 when you can find a better machine that will last longer and brew better espresso for $300?

But people do it all the time.

So join the "I'm not crazy" club and stop spending money on those bigger items at Starbucks. Instead, just pick out a coffee cup or two, everyone loves a Starbucks coffee cup!

And if you must, at least buy it from my web site below! ;-p