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Saeco Espresso Machines

Saeco is without a doubt one of the worldwide leaders in espresso machines. Not only do they produce their own machines, but they also manufacture espresso makers for several other companies (some of who's brands are quite popular!). They're also one of the leading innovative companies in the industry.

The Company

Founded in 1981 Near Bolgna Italy the company quickly shot to the top of the worldwide espresso market. In 1985 they developed the first home espresso machine that was fully automatic. You might not be as familiar with Saeco as some other brands, however, Gaggia is a very popular and well known brand; and most people don't realize that Saeco bought out the Gaggia company in 1999 and now fully owns them.

Perhaps ironically, following a recent wave of industry consolidation, the company agreed to be bought out themselves by the Dutch company Philips (Philips owns the Senseo brand of single cup coffee makers as well as a ton of small appliance products and brands).

The Machines

Saeco espresso machines are split into three main categories; namely household automatic machines:

  • Vienna Plus $500
  • Odea $600
  • Talea $800-$900
  • Syntia $1,300
  • Royal $1,600
  • Incanto $1,000-$1,400
  • Xelsis $3,000

Household Manual Machines:

  • Nina $250
  • Via Venezia $300
  • Aroma $250-$300

Other Equipment:

  • Kettles
  • Easy Fill Drip Cofeemakers
  • Grinders

As you can see, the company obviously focuses more on automatic espresso machines, and that's not all that hard to understand since they are the first company to really produce fully automatic espresso machines for home use. It's a tradition that they uphold to this day.

These aren't cheap espresso makers. Even the manual machines are at the top of the price range that you would expect to find at other companies. And the automatic machines are expensive, but not really any more expensive than other brands out there.

One problem people tend to have with a number of Saeco machines is that they don't work right out of the box. No one has ever been able to fully explain this to me. On the positive side, I've heard that the Saeco customer service people are truly helpful and will tell you to send the machine back for a replacement if it doesn't work for you. Some companies are real jerks about things like that, but not these guys.

The Scoop

So what's the scoop on these guys? Well here's the thing. Saeco machines are great, but so are Gaggia machines (also made by Saeco). So you have to ask yourself whether or not you should just go with a Gaggia espresso maker instead. Saeco doesn't have as large a footprint in America as Gaggia does, and Gaggia offers a wider range of machines and options.

So if I had to choose, I'd go with Gaggia. Of course, if you've got your eye on a specific Saeco espresso machine, then by all means, disregard my advice and go with the Saeco! In fact, we have reviews for all the Saeco machines on the market today. Just check out the links at the bottom of this page for reviews and special discounts.

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