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Lavazza Point Ep850 Aroma Point Espresso Machine

I tend to really enjoy writing about specialty espresso machines, and the Lavazza Point Ep850 Aroma Point Espresso Machine is no exception. Lavazza is one of Italy's most popular coffee companies (they claim over 75% of all Italians drink their coffee!), and this is one of only a couple of espresso makers that they produce.

And actually, it's the cheapest model that they manufacture; clocking in at only $150 if you can track one down! I think we have one or two available at the link at the bottom of the page, so let's talk a little bit about this cool looking little guy.

Let's Look At The Machine

Lavazza Point Ep850 Aroma Point Espresso MachineRight off the bat you can tell that this isn't your average espresso maker. For one thing, it looks really cool and at the same time doesn't charge you a premium for looking cool! That's a plus in my book.

The machine itself is stainless steel, but it also has mass-colored ABS finishings. That's right, I said mass colored. Yeah, I don't really know what that means either, I'm just reading the box to you at this point. *g*

It's pretty important that you notice right away that this machine only uses single-dose Lavazza Espresso cartridges. Why else does a coffee company make a machine? To promote it's coffee. This is absolutely freaking wonderful if you love Lavazza coffee. It's not so great if you don't. But then again, I don't suppose you'd have read this far along if you didn't already like their coffee, so let's get on with it.

This is where I usually like to talk about the specs of the machine; you know - the watts it uses, how many bars of pressure it spits out, water tank size. But I just can't seem to track any of that information down.

That's not really unusual for a spin-off machine from a company that specializes in other stuff besides building top flight machines. Everything in this area seems to be a second thought. In fact, the whole machine sometimes feels like it was built on a whim. Or maybe it's just me.

What Others Are Saying About The Aroma Point

Again, not much to go on here. One lonely soul (I'll call him Bob) left a review on Amazon. Bob gave it a 4-star review. Not bad. Not Good. Just 4. Ole Bob said that the machine looks great! And also that it makes a "good but not great" shot of espresso. Bob generally seemed very happy overall with the machine though. And I trust Bob, always have!

What's The Bottom Line

Lavazza doesn't seem to have a huge footprint in America. And this machine seems almost like they built it just to have something else to sell the millions of customers who violently love their coffee. Companies do that. Starbucks does that. Illy does that (though I love Illy's machine oddly enough).

It comes down to this. Do you love Lavazza coffee? Do you want a funky cool looking espresso machine to sit on your counter top that will absolutely turn heads and get a LOT of attention from everyone who see's it?

Do you not really care if your espresso is 100% spectacular every time (80% is fine with you, heck there are no messy grinds to clean up afterwords so what do you care!), then the Lavazza Point Ep850 Aroma Point Espresso Machine is probably exactly right for you. only costs $150 bucks. That's definitely worth taking a chance on. Grab one while there are a few left.