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Lavazza Blue LB2210 Single-Serve Espresso Machine

Lavazza is without a doubt one of the most popular brands of coffee in the world. The company brags that over 75% of all Italians drink their coffee every single day. That's quite a statement! The company also sells a few specialty espresso machines, and the Lavazza Blue LB2210 Single-Serve Espresso Machine is one of them.

It's a little hard to track one of these guys down, but it might be worth the effort. Is this machine right for you? Let's find out...

Let's Look At The Machine

Lavazza Blue LB2210 Single-Serve Espresso MachineThis hulking machine has 15 bars of pump-powered pressure at its disposal and packs a 1,250 watt punch.

It only uses capsules, (Lavazza specializes in capsules - go figure!) so be sure that you're familiar with Lavazza coffee before you buy the machine. I'd hate to see you go through the time, effort, and expense to buy one of these espresso makers only to discover that you don't particularly like Lavazza coffee!

I suppose you could call this an automatic machine, but I think I would prefer to call it an espresso "system". It's true that you really only have to touch one button to use the thing, but it just doesn't seem like a regular automatic machine for some reason. Maybe its because of the capsules.

It has a massive one gallon water tank so that you only very rarely have to refill it (think how many shots of espresso are in an entire gallon!). It also comes with a cup warmer, used capsule container, and a frother wand so that you can make your favorite drinks such as lattes, cappuccino's or an Americano.

What Other People Are Saying About It

Unfortunately the Lavazza Blue doesn't have many reviews at Amazon. I imagine that the reason is because Lavazza just doesn't have a very large footprint inside the United States. And like I said, the machine is a little hard to track down.

Still, there was one review; and it was a 5-star review. So at least one person is incredibly happy with their espresso maker!

What's The Bottom Line

This is a nice machine if you can find it. (Amazon has some refurbished ones, and has some for around $900). There's no denying that it will make great espresso with the push of a button, and because it uses capsules there's simply nothing that can go wrong and no mess to clean up afterwards.

The pro's: it just doesn't get any easier than pushing one button and getting incredibly high-quality espresso every single time.

The con's: it's very very hard to find one to buy, and they tend to be pretty expensive, plus you're locked into using Lavazza capsules which are, like most capsules, a little more expensive than regular beans. Plus the machine itself is incredibly large and has a slightly plastic feel to it. That doesn't impede or hamper the quality of espresso, but just decreases the visual pleasantness of the machine a little bit.

In the end, I would recommend the Lavazza Blue LB2210 Single-Serve Espresso Machine if you can track it down. It produces delicious espresso at the touch of a button every single time with no muss, no fuss, and no mess to clean up afterwards!

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