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How To Buy The Best Bodum French Press

I believe that everyone should own a Bodum French Press. For one thing, they're incredibly cheap. For another thing, they make excellent coffee that's very strong, almost as strong as espresso.

For another thing, they're the perfect size (if you buy a regular sized one of course) for making just a couple cups of coffee. How many times have you wanted a cup of coffee but didn't want to go to the hassle of brewing a whole pot? A French press is perfect for those situations.

So how do you buy the best french press?

Bodum French Press

Well, it's actually pretty easy. First pick your brand. I suggest Bodum every time because they are the industry leader and have been forever. There's not much to mess up with one of these things, it's just a glass canister on a stand with a stainless steel plunger that has a wire mesh filter on it. But Bodum, nonetheless, makes the best ones by far.

Next pick your size. They generally come in several different sizes, specifically:

  • 8-cup (24 ounces) - $18
  • 3-cup (12 ounces) - $25
  • 4-cup (17 ounces) - $37
  • 9-cup (32 ounces) - $39
  • 12-cup (51-ounces) - $43

My coffee press at home holds about 32 ounces, which makes two very large cups of coffee using my coffee mug (and I'm not sure how many actual "cups" is in my mug, but its a pretty standard sized coffee cup).

The thing about coffee presses is that they make really strong coffee. Why? Because all you do is boil some water on your stove (or get it nearly boiling). Then you dump in a couple scoops of coffee into the french press, then pour the water over it. Let it sit for five minutes or so, then put the plunger in and push down (thus filtering the grinds from the coffee. Then pour and drink! Strong!

The prices I listed above are for the regular classic Bodum presses with simple glass carafe and stainless steel stand and filter/plunger. They do offer other, more stylish options as well including a number of bright and colorful plastic models. My mother has one that she really likes.

They also offer more subtle plastic models, and more zany stainless steel models. Really there's something for just about anyone and any decor.

Me, I like the classic models, but it's really just a matter of personal style and preference.

Below I've listed a number of popular Bodum models for you to choose from. Take a look around the Internet, you won't find them cheaper anywhere else. $20 to $40 depending on the size...I mean, you can't hardly buy a decent coffee machine for two or three times that amount! Do yourself a favor and order a Bodum French Press today.