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Gaggia Espresso Machines

There are really only a few staple companies in the world of espresso and Gaggia is certainly one of them. Their espresso machines are some of the most widely used and popular in the world - and for good reason. Whatever your price range - I'm sure you can find something to fit perfectly that will last for years to come.

The Company

Achille Gaggia, the founder of the company is often called the father of the modern espresso industry because he applied for a patent to make the worlds first steamless modern machine (back in 1938). His company was started around a decade later in 1947-48 and has been going strong ever since.

The company initially developed commercial espresso makers, and it wasn't till around 1977 or so that they started to develop home models. These days home machines are the companies main focus. Unlike some companies that farm out the work to China, Gaggia machines are still made in Milan like they always have been.

Strada Provinciale per Abbiategrasso
20087 Robecco Sul Naviglio (MI)
Tel +39 02 949931 Fax +39 02 9470888

The Machines

Lots of espresso maker companies sell a handful of low-end, middle, and high-end models. Gaggia doesn't offer a handful, they offer a flood of different models. It can even be a little hard to keep track of them all, or keep them straight! But we're going to try today.

Here are some of the automatic models they offer:

  • Accademia Gaggia
  • Platinum Vision
  • Gaggia Brera
  • Platinum Swing Up
  • Platinum Swing
  • Platinum Vogue
  • Platinum Event
  • Titanium
  • Gaggia UNICA
  • Syncrony Logic

And here is their line of manual Models:

  • New Baby Twin
  • New Baby Class D
  • New Baby Class
  • New Baby Dose
  • New Baby
  • Classic
  • Espresso Dose
  • Espresso Color
  • Espresso Pure
  • Evolution Espresso
  • Viva Gaggia

And of course, they also offer a capsule machine for Illy pods called the Gaggia for Illy and Gaggia for Illy Plus (the difference between the two seems to be just color).

And not to be outdone, they also offer a line of coffee bean grinders:

  • Anteprima prodotto
  • MDF Grinder-Doser
  • MM Coffee Grinder
  • MM Steel
  • ML Coffee Grinder
  • ML Steel

See what I mean? It's hard to keep them all straight, especially since I just mentioned the broad model names, they break down even further into numbers like the Gaggia 102534, or the Gaggia 12700 - you get the picture. There is just a vast array of choices to pick from that can be mind boggling!

What About Price?

Good question! Gaggia espresso makers are not cheap, they can start around $200 for the most basic manual machines and quickly shoot up to the thousands of dollars. For instance, the Gaggia Accademia Espresso Machine runs around $3,000. If you want to know an exact price, check out the links below for the specific model you're looking for. We often have dramatic sales - so check back often.

What do people say about these machines? They are some of the best reviewed espresso machines on the market. Past customers usually go on and on about them. Satisfaction is a hallmark of Gaggia. The average customer review is almost always at least 4 out of 5 stars depending on the model. You can feel comfortable owning these machines.

Gaggia espresso machines are some of the most popular espresso makers on the market. They're backed by a company that's been around for as long as there's been an espresso industry. If you're a serious espresso drinker and want a machine that will hold up well, make excellent espresso, and look nice in your kitchen, then Gaggia might just be the company for you.

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