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Francis Francis! X6 Trio Espresso Machine

If you've been to my web site before and read a few of my articles, chances are you picked up on the fact that I'm a huge Illy coffee fan. They make the best beans in the world and that's all there is to it!

But they also make a line of espresso makers called Francis Francis! and today I'm going to talk about the Francis Francis! X6 Trio Espresso Machine. There's several models to choose from; is this the right one for you?

Before I get into the details of this cool espresso maker, I should really point out that the X6 is incredibly hard to find. You can pick up a used or refurbished one at Amazon from time to time, but I've never seen a new one. Illy hasn't really made a ton of their machines anyway, and the X6 is a slightly older model. Still, they're worth looking for...

Let's Look At The Machine Itself

Francis Francis! X6 Trio Espresso MachineThe first thing anybody notices when they look at a FrancisFrancis! machine is the wacky style. It reaches out and grabs your eyeballs and then screams at you!

I love the look of these machines. Very retro looking. Of all the different models, I think this one might just have the most "retro" look to it. It's the chrome around the face of the machine that does it, I think. But how does this guy actually stack up?

Well, this is a 1,100 watt machine that uses 18-bars of pump powered pressure. Espresso needs a good solid 7 bars of pressure to turn from water into espresso. Most machines churn out 15 bars to be safe...that this one has 18 says something about the potential quality, it's up there!

Pods - Pods Everywhere...

One thing you absolutely must know right away is that these Francis Francis! machines are all pod driven. That means you don't use regular coffee beans, you use pods; specifically Illy pods. I hope you like Illy coffee! (you will if you don't already - it's the best!).

It has a five cup water tank that you can remove (no need to haul the whole machine over to the sink every time you want to fill it). That also makes cleaning the tank out from time to time much easier.

The X6 has three settings (they call it Trio Technology - but that's just a fancy way of saying three settings) so that you can create "short", "normal", or "long" shots of espresso. Those names are pretty self describing I think.

Finally, it has a steam jet frother wand so that you can make your favorite espresso drinks like cappuccino, latte, mocha, or anything else. Oh, and it's got a cup warmer too - yay.

What Are People Saying?

It doesn't have many reviews at Amazon, probably because it's so hard to track down. It had nine total; five 5-star, one 4-star, one 3-star, and two 1-star reviews. That's a solid 4 out of 5 star average.

One of the 1-star reviews complained that their unit had been used when they received it. Most espresso machines are quality control tested before shipping, so you might still have a little water residue in the tank - I guess that person didn't know that! Other than that the reviews were strong across the board.

What's The Bottom Line?

I love Illy and I really like their FrancisFrancis! machines, especially if you're looking for something that's intereting looking and will be a real show-piece in your kitchen. If you have lots of parties and like people to "notice" the cool gadgets you own, then any of these FrancisFrancis! models will do. Oh - and it makes great espresso too!

You might have a hard time tracking it down, but the Francis Francis! X6 Trio Espresso Machine is probably worth the effort. Cool looks, style, great coffee...what else would you look for in an espresso maker?