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Capresso 115.01 Capresso Cafe Espresso Machine

Capresso may be most well known for its high priced super automatic espresso machines, but they also have a pretty decent line of lower end single shot manual models too, one of which is the Capresso 115.01 Capresso Cafe.

First let's talk about the good news. The machine costs about $160. Not bad for an entry level espresso maker. Usually I like to define that range as being between $100 and $150 but usually its closer to $150 or a little more. The Capresso Cafe fits right in.

This pump powered machine has 16 bars of pressure, which is a little unusual since most starter models tend to have 15. But then again, this is Capresso and they tend to do everything just a little better than everyone else. It has a standard thermoblock heating system as well as a forty-eight ounce water tank which is a little on the large side, as you can see from the picture!

Capresso Cafe Espresso Machine

As you can see, the machine has a very retro sort of look to it which is a little unusual. Most espresso machines tend to look more sleek and space-aged, so it's nice to see a little throw back to simpler times. The Cafe also has a steam wand so that you can make all those cappuccinos and lattes that you like.

One neat feature is a button that lets you switch between espresso and hot water. This lets you just pump out really hot water if you'd like to make tea or even soup. It's not a huge deal, but it's not something you normally see in a base model and shows once again how Capresso goes the extra mile with it's espresso makers.

Now The Bad News

Everything's not perfect with this machine. For starters, it has a power output of about 1050 watts. I like to see around 1200 for a machine this size. Chances are 1050 is enough, but it's something that I wanted to point out.

Also, it isn't very well reviewed. The reason for this, I believe, is not because it's a bad machine, but merely because it's a little on the expensive side for an entry level item and Capresso doesn't have as huge a footprint here in America at the lower end of the price range.

What People Are Saying About The Capresso Cafe

When I say it isn't well reviewed, I mean not many people have left reviews. At Amazon there were two, one 5-star review from someone who absolutely loves it, and one 1-star review from someone who used it for two weeks and then gave it away. I'm not sure that there's much you can read into that, except to say that the machine comes with a one year warranty which makes me wonder why the person who hated it didn't just return it.

When you look at the lower price ranges for manual, single shot machines you have a few different brands to choose from including; Briel, Gaggia, DeLonghi, and even Krups. So look at the reviews from some of those brands on the menu at the right hand side of this site.

After you do, I think you'll realize that the Capresso 115.01 Capresso Cafe is a very good choice for you. Besides the Briel Chamonix, it's probably the machine I recommend the most for beginners and light to moderate espresso drinkers. I think you'll really enjoy it.