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Briel ES62AF L'Expresso Automatic Cadiz Espresso Machine

Briel is one of my favorite espresso machine companies. In fact I use a Briel Lido espresso machine every single morning and have for nearly 10 years. Unfortunately for you, the Lido is very hard to come by these days, but luckily you can get a hold of the Briel ES62AF L'Expresso Automatic Cadiz Espresso Machine. Is it the machine for you? Let's find out...

The Machine

Briel ES62AF L'Expresso Automatic Cadiz Espresso MachineAs you might expect, it has a 15 bar pump pressure system. That's pretty standard on just about any manual espresso machine these days. It also comes with a fairly decent sized water tank that can be easily removed for cleaning.

The jet frother supposedly produces some pretty robust steam, allowing you to quickly and easily create your favorite cappuccino or latte's or mocha drinks. Of course, it wouldn't be much of an espresso maker without that feature!

Unlike many other machines within this price range, the Cadiz has an automatic shutoff feature. This isn't terribly important but it does add a little bit of safety and is a nice feature to see.

The Cadiz is a decent looking machine though it might be a little bit on the bulky squarish side for my tastes. I tend to favor sleek designs and this is more boxy than sleek. Of course, this is purely a matter of taste... and yours will certainly vary from mine!

What Other People Are Saying About The Cadiz

The reviews for this machine are a little disturbing. First of all, there aren't very many of them. That by itself is not a big deal because many times espresso machines don't have a lot of reviews, especially the more expensive ones. This one has 36 reviews and averages about 3 out of 5 stars which is slightly lower than you'd like to see.

What bothers me more is the shape of the reviews. It has a lot of five-star reviews and a lot of one star reviews and not a lot in between. That usually tells you something. More specifically the machine has ten 5-star reviews, eight 4-star reviews, five 3-star reviews, two 2-star reviews, and eleven 1-star reviews. Notice the U. shape?

The people that have problems tended to have problems within the first year. Normally this isn't a problem because the machine is covered by a year long warranty. However many people have reported that Briel customer service has slipped dismally recently. Some people suggest that it's gotten so bad that the company should be reported to the government for shady customer service tactics.

Personally I haven't had any issues in that regard - but then again, my Briel has never broken down so I can't give you a first-hand report. What I can say is that the people that like this machine tend to really like it and it seems to me that as long as it doesn't break down, it makes very good espresso.

What's The Bottom Line?

Even though some people have had trouble with Briel's customer service lately, I would still probably give this machine the benefit of the doubt and give it a try. Especially if you held the machine in your hand in a store and felt comfortable with it. You can get a good look and feel for a machine most of the time if you hold it in your hands before you buy it.