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Briel ES35AF Chamonix Pump Espresso Machine

I've used a lot of espresso machines over the years, but I just keep coming back to Briel. They're a great entry level machine that's got a little something more to offer than most entry level espresso makers out there and that's why I use my Briel every single day (and have for over ten years!).

The Briel ES35AF Chamonix Pump Espresso Machine is the current entry level machine from Briel. It's regularly priced at $300, but we've got it on sale (while supplies last) at over a hundred dollars off at the bottom of this page.

Sure, even at $200 you're looking at the high end of the range for an entry level machine; I would normally say that $100-$150 is the normal entry level price you would expect to see. But if you want a machine that's built to last and makes great espresso, then it's worth it to spend a few extra dollars.

Let's Talk About The Machine Itself:

Briel Chamonix

First of all, this is a 1,200 watt espresso maker (that's pretty common). It comes with a removable 30-serving water tank and drip tray. Many entry level machines don't have that feature and can be a real chore to keep clean, but you don't have to worry here. It also comes with a standard frother steam wand for making cappuccino or latte's or mocha drinks.

It also has electronic controls (abnormal in an entry level machine) that lets you select how much espresso to make each time (between two and eight ounces). It also has an antidrip system that is incredibly convenient and makes cleanup a snap.

One other thing to note is the special filter that comes with it that allows very thick crema. Crema is my favorite part of drinking straight espresso and some of your cheaper models won't make decent crema. You don't have to worry about that with this model!

What Are Other People Saying About It?

This is a very well-reviewed machine. At Amazon, for instance, there are 149 customer reviews (which is a pretty huge number!) Ninety of those reviews were either five or four star. One person who gave it a bad review said that their machine broke in a year...but they bought another one to replace it! That's awesome.

Some of the negative reviews have suggested that the machine works great for about a year and then dies out (and also that the steam wand can sometimes drip). I'm not sure what to say to that since I've had my Briel for ten years. Granted, it may be a valid complaint, so keep that in mind. That seems to be the number one complaint I hear from most entry level machines though, so in that price range it may just be a risk you take. But I'd rather take that risk with a Briel then just about anyone else.

You have a lot of choices when it comes to basic espresso makers. Besides Briel, you might want to look at DeLonghi or Gaggia or even a Krups at the very low end of the spectrum. Compare their basic models though and I think you'll agree with me that the Briel ES35AF Chamonix Pump Espresso Machine is about the best of breed when it comes to a basic manual single shot espresso machine. Give them a try today!