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Breville 800ESXL Commercial Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine

I've always liked Breville espresso machines for a lot of different reasons. The Breville 800ESXL Commercial Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine continues my admiration of this company. If you're looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then this machine might be just right for you.

Let's Look At The Machine

Breville 800ESXL Commercial Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine
The first thing you'll notice is the shiny industrial look of this beast. But wait, that's not stainless steel! It's actually Die-Cast Steel which is forged in incredibly high temperatures. This gives it a strength that you don't get with regular stainless steel.

And in addition to being incredibly durable, it also looks pretty freaking cool!

Although the name carries the word "Commercial" this is not actually a true commercial unit nor does it have what you would consider commercial parts in it - but that's ok. It uses 15 bars of pump driven pressure and a thermoblock heating system that's pretty standard.

Something unique to this machine is it's triple-prime pump system. What exactly is that all about? Basically the pump shoots 3 blasts of hot-water through the filter head right before extraction. This makes the coffee expand which increases the pressure overall. Basically it results in more crema in the end, which is something you'll appreciate if you drink a lot of straight espresso like me.

The machine also comes with an over nine cup removable water tank for easy filling and cleaning, as well as a steam frother wand so that you can make all your favorite cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, Americano's etc.

I should also mention that it comes with a pod attachment so you can use E.S.E. pods instead of coffee beans if you like. I'm a "bean guy" myself but a lot of people like this feature.

One thing to note is that this is a pretty big machine. It's also a tall machine. That's good and bad. Good because you can slide just about any size coffee cup underneath it instead of relying on those tiny espresso shot glasses. Bad because it will take up a lot of counter space! But that's a pretty good tradeoff in my mind.

What Are Other People Saying About It?

Reviews are generally favorable. At Amazon it garnered 155 reviews which is quite a few for this type of machine. Seventy-Three of them were 5-star, with another thirty-two being 4-star; then ten 3-star, sixteen 2-star, and twenty-four 1-star. That's an average of about 3 1/2 out of 5 which is fairly respectable.

The people that gave it poor reviews tended to have a common complaint. They said that their machines gave out within a year or so and since it's a slightly more complicated machine than others out there, the repair people had a little harder time fixing them.

What's The Bottom Line?

At the end of the day this is a very impressive looking machine. Granted it's a little on the expensive side for a manual machine, but it will certainly catch a lot of glances in your kitchen! I'd be willing to take a chance on the Breville 800ESXL Commercial Triple-Priming Die-Cast Espresso Machine. If you've got a few extra dollars sitting around and want a strong machine, then it might be just what you're looking for.